2012 Daphne Fellowship | Asa Zabarsky
2011 Daphne Fellowship | Joshua Press
2010 Daphne Fellowship | Donat King
2009 Waterway Fellowship | Krista Marie Schoening
2009 Jouffrault Scholarship | David Costello
2008 Waterway Fellowship | Miranda Gerard
2007 Waterway Fellowship | M. Tobias Hall
2006 Jouffrault Scholarship | Will St. John

“Tradition is the spreading of fire, and not the veneration of ashes.” – Gustav Mahler



Students seeking scholarships and financial aid must apply earlier than others, by the following application deadlines:

Course Title Scholarship Application Deadline Award Notifications Returned
SUMMER INTENSIVE  November 15 January 6


SCHOLARSHIPS and AID – General Overview

1) Scholarships are available for Intensive Courses in Argenton-Chateau ONLY.
Scholarships are NOT available for special programs, or any drawing programs in Paris.

2) All prospective SUMMER and AUTUMN Intensive students interested in financial aid
should apply before the scholarship deadlines listed on this page.

3) Please open the normal Intensive Course application online (Summer or Autumn)
from its course description page. Then review the additional information about Scholarships and Aid below.

4) You should note which scholarship(s) you wish to be considered for as part of
your answer to the final question of the application form.

5) Yes, a single applicant may apply for all three scholarships, but the total individual award is never more
than 50%
 of total course tuition.

6) Surcharges for single housing or family living are NOT included in — and are not affected by — scholarship awards.

7) Scholarships and aid are awarded as a part of the priority admissions process. In the event of unclaimed awards, scholarship
funds may be re-assigned immediately to other priority applicants, or at a later date, during a final admissions process.
The current availability of scholarships and work-study financial aid is always noted on this page, as well as on our HOME page.

8) Our scholarships are now supported by The Daphne Fund for Contemporary Classical Art, a private US non-profit
student-aid organization, founded and administrated by Studio Escalier alumni.

9) All scholarships and fellowships are awarded in exchange for a work-study commitment.


Financial Aid for SUMMER and AUTUMN Intensive Students

a) Tanza Lorraine Smith Fellowship

For applicants under 30 years old, to help make fine art their career. Must demonstrate economic need and artistic promise.
One awards of up to 1750 euros, given annually. Includes a work-study commitment.

Awarded based on application essay and portfolio review.

Applicants must include six (6) images total of recent drawings and/or paintings from life with their application.
All interested applicants should contact us for additional instructions.


b) Waterway Fellowship for Artistic Merit

Given solely for artistic merit to applicants under age 35.
Maximum individual award = 1500 euros. Includes a work-study commitment 2-3 hrs/ week.
Waterway scholars perform studio maintenance or studio monitorship duties.

Awarded based on portfolio review.
Applicants must include six (6) images total of recent drawings and/or paintings from life with their application.


c) Jouffrault Scholarship

Work-study scholarships granted for demonstrated economic need only, for applicants under 35.
Maximum individual award = 1250 euros. Includes a work-study commitment up to 5 hrs/ week.

Award based on application review.
Contact us for additional instructions about how to apply.

Work-study may include daily studio monitorship (in class); weekly cleaning and maintenance of the school studio or common areas of school buildings (after class); and/or landscaping, gardening, special projects (outside of class, 2-5 hrs/week, TBA)