David BAIRD – "Autumn Figure with Peonies" – oil on linen – 2016
David BAIRD – "Roses - Summer Still Life I" – oil on linen – 2016
David BAIRD – "Interior with Figure" – oil on linen – 2016
David BAIRD – "Michael" – oil on linen – 2015
David BAIRD – "Figure Tondo" – oil on linen – 2014
David BAIRD – "Figure Tondo" – oil on linen – 2014
David BAIRD – "Study of Adam" – oil on mylar – 2014

“It’s not about painting from life, it is about bringing painting to life.”

“Il ne s’agit pas de peindre de la vie, il s’agit de rendre la peinture vivante.” – Pierre Bonnard


PAYMENT DUE: 17 December 2016

LOCATION: Our 2017 Spring Figure Painting Program will convene in Argenton-Chateau (79).

Please see our Facilities page for complete details on our campus and school facilities.
CLASS DATES: Arrive Thursday, March 30, 2017 – Depart Saturday, April 22, 2017

Studio sessions will be held for 3 weeks total, Sunday – Thursday with 6 hrs life model daily, 5 days per week.
CLASS SIZE: 10 maximum + instructor(s)
WHO is ELIGIBLE? Anyone may apply – There are no academic or other pre-requisites.

All Spring Figure Painting students must enroll full-time, for the entire 3 week term.
TUITION PRICE: 1975 euros, shared 2BR housing included.

(Single living available in limited supply, for +250 euros minimum.)
1 December 2016

Admissions for 2017 SPRING FIGURE PAINTING are CLOSED.

Please review the ADMISSIONS page for general information about the application process.




2017 Spring Figure Painting students will receive daily instruction and observe lecture-demonstrations (2-3x/week) by visiting faculty David Baird.

The primary focus of the class is to develop paintings from the live model, with both short and long poses—beginning with quick, broad color studies focusing on planar relationships, the form’s orientation to the light, and placement within the picture plane. Progressively longer poses will allow students to work toward a higher resolution.

Demonstrationss may consist of both drawing and painting—in order to isolate and simplify certain topics for discussion. For this reason, students will also be encouraged to draw as a preliminary or supplementary exercise, to explore compositional motifs, or to better develop their own sense of form. Minimum two demos per week.

Individual critique or painting demonstration will be given five days weekly, and the studio culture will offer daily opportunities for questions, discussions and impromptu “work-in-progress” demonstrations.



David BAIRD  (b. 1986) is visiting faculty in drawing and painting.

David Baird is an oil painter and draftsman primarily focused on figurative work. He has taught classes both in the US and Europe, and is currently visiting faculty at Studio Escalier, where he has attended classes and worked as studio manager and assistant faculty since 2012.

In 2006, he began his training with Anthony Ryder at the Ryder Studio School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in 2015 he participated in the JSS Master Class program in Civita, Italy, conducted by Israel Hershberg, benefitting from extensive exposure to some of Europe’s greatest works of art.

Mr. Baird currently lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama.