ADMISSIONS | PRICES and PAYMENT – Tuition, Housing, Cancellation, and Refund Policies

“Our Painting, established on the Principles of Geometry, makes at the same time a double demonstration of what it represents. But we must have two kinds of eyes to truly know how to enjoy its beauty, for the eye of the Mind is the first and principal judge of its works.”

– Roland Freart de Chambray, L’Idée de la perfection de la peinture (1662)


Upcoming courses, along with their prices and tuition payment dates, are listed below in chronological order.

For a full course description, including program dates as well as when and how to apply, click any course title below:

Course Title Program Price Tuition Payment Due
2225 euros, shared 2BR housing included within 5 days of admission
11 weeks in Argenton-Chateau

5450 euros, shared 2BR housing included 11 January 2020 – 60% due
28 March 2020 – final 40% due
6 weeks in Argenton-Chateau
 3300 euros, shared 2BR housing included 15 May 2020
2020 AUTUMN at the LOUVRE
4-week Drawing Program
1500 euros, housing not included 16 June 2020
3-week Drawing Program
1525 euros, housing not included 16 June 2020

2021 WINTER at the LOUVRE


2300 euros, housing not included

15 August 2020

1995 euros, housing not included 12 September 2020
2100 euros, housing not included 14 October 2020
TBA, shared 2BR housing included 14 November 2020


Need help? SCHOLARSHIPS and work-study aid may still be available for some programs.

Note: Scholarship deadlines are earlier than the deadlines listed above.
Click here for scholarship deadlines and full details.


General Tuition Payment Policies – ALL PROGRAMS 

Admissions notification is made by e-mail, within one week after the application deadline.

All applicants are allowed 48 hours to accept or decline admission.

Tuition payment is due paid in full within 10 business days of admissions notification.

Tuition payments are accepted in EUROS by electronic wire transfer.
(Slightly variable bank fees will apply to all wire payments). Sorry, no personal checks.

USD payments will be calculated using the most recent 90-day average exchange rate (USD:euro). Additional bank transfer fees up to +1.5% may apply to your payment, regardless of payment denomination or type.

All applicants have the option to pay their tuition in EUROS by credit card, courtesy of (add 5% Paypal user fee). Bank transfer fees still apply, and some non-US cardholders may incur additional currency conversion charges. Contact us for full details.

Housing Assignment and Payment (Argenton-Chateau ONLY)

All student housing in Argenton-Chateau is provided and assigned to students by the school.
Housing is assigned in the order that applications were originally received.

Shared 2BR housing costs in Argenton-Chateau are included in the base tuition price of every course held there.
These housing costs are not negotiable.

We only offer fully furnished and outfitted housing; rent includes water, heat, electricity, gas, and WiFi DSL internet access. No phone service.

Housing assignments are subject to seasonal lease agreements, to be reviewed and signed during housing assignment.
250 euros will be requested paid cash on arrival, as security deposit against any eventual breakage.

Single living options and housing for students with non-student partners or family guests is provided in limited supply, for a supplemental charge. Additional rent and/or guest charges are calculated on an individual basis, by overall length of stay, or frequency of visits, whichever is more appropriate.

Additional rent for single living and family living charges are normally paid in cash upon arrival.

Refund Policies 

Tuition payments are NON-TRANSFERABLE after payment, and partial refunds are subject to limits and strict conditions.

A 50% tuition refund is available to priority applicants only, if requested within 6 weeks of the priority application deadline.

NO tuition refund requests can be honored after that date for any reason.

After the 50% refund date, paid tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE, and NON-TRANSFERABLE – your payment cannot be re-applied or “credited” to other courses or students.

NOTE: As a matter of policy, any application received after the priority deadline (meaning all final deadline applicants and alternate applicants) have no refund option.

Housing payments and surcharges paid for single or family living are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE at time of payment.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason a course is completely cancelled before it begins — due to any unforeseeable event on our part — a 100% tuition refund will be available to enrolled students.

Studio Escalier accepts no responsibility for any student loss associated with unrecoverable travel costs or reservations.