Copy after the Albani centaur ( IV c BCE), by student Gustavo Schosler, 2015 Autumn at the Louvre
Lecture-tours by faculty inside the Musee du Louvre
Arm of the Lamia, demonstration by Timothy STOTZ, Founder and director
2025 SPRING at the LOUVRE / 4-week Drawing Program

“The eye of one beautiful woman does not sit well in the beautiful face of another; nor does a pretty mouth, it goes without saying. What I’d say is most true is the parts are not only beautiful in themselves, but also in regard to all the other parts.”

“Che un bell’occhio d’una femmina non istà bene sopra un bel viso d’un’altra; così una bella bocca, e vadasi discorrendo; cosa che io direi esser verissima, perché le parti non sono belle solamente per se stesse, ma anche in riguardo alle altre parti.”

– Bernini, Vita del Cavaliere Gianlorenzo Bernini (1682)


LOCATION: Our next Spring at the Louvre – 4-week Drawing Program will offer figure drawing sessions in our Paris Program Studio in Montmartre, as well as offer weekly critique of ongoing student drawings at the Musee du Louvre.

Please see our Facilities page for complete details on the Paris Program Studio.
CLASS DATES: The program will meet as follows:

Monday, 3 March – Friday, 28 March 2025 (4 weeks)
CLASS SCHEDULE: Figure sessions 15 hrs/week (Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri morning, & Tuesday afternoon)

One-on-one critique of student drawings at the Louvre
One individual Louvre critique per student weekly, with founding faculty Timothy Stotz (Thursday or Friday afternoon only).
CLASS SIZE: 10 maximum + instructors
WHO is ELIGIBLE? Anyone may apply – There are no academic or other pre-requisites.

All students must enroll full-time for the course, held in our Paris Program Studio in Montmartre, and the Musee du Louvre.

Cost of housing in Paris not included.
Students required to find and contract their own housing in Paris.



HOW to APPLY: Admissions for 2025 SPRING at the LOUVRE will open soon.

Please review the ADMISSIONS page for general information about the application process.



COURSE DESCRIPTION: “2025 Spring at the Louvre”

Our Spring at the Louvre drawing program is an exclusive educational opportunity for arts professionals, emerging artists and art students, offered in co-operation with the Musee du Louvre, Paris.

It offers a unique curriculum of drawing in our Paris Program Studio in Montmartre (15 hrs/week, Mon, Tues, Thu and Fri morning, & Tuesday afternoon)) and weekly critique of ongoing student drawings executed on-site at the Louvre (Thursday or Friday afternoon only).

Figure studio will be in-session for 5 weeks.

The course will offer lecture-demonstrations and critique in the figure studio 5 days per week. Figure poses will vary in length between 10 minutes and 20 hrs, depending on the principles being discussed and taught.

Louvre lectures will discuss antiquity as it affected Italian and French Renaissance and early Baroque drawing, painting, and sculpture. Emphasis on conceptual development of Greek and Roman art, as well as on Italian and French art, 15th-17th century.

The course will offer a structured curriculum of daily figure drawing from life every morning, with additional assigned drawing from masterpieces of sculpture in the Louvre, to be pursued in the afternoons outside of class.

One-on-one critiques of student work will be given weekly by instructor Timothy Stotz at the Musee du Louvre. One-on-one critiques at the museum will be scheduled in advance, 30-45 minutes maximum per individual.

The sculpture halls and painting galleries of the Louvre are open Wednesday to Monday 9:00am to 6:00pm for independent drawing.

Studio Escalier advises all enrolled students to apply for a yearly museum membership online (Carte Amis du Louvre jeune, professional, famille, etc ), to enter and draw in the Musee du Louvre daily, at no further cost. (Costs 15 – 80 euros for annual membership, depending on individual status.)

Paris drawing programs also include 1 or 2 lecture-tours inside the collection of the Musee du Louvre. Lectures are strictly reserved for students only, as the cost of group reservations for lectures is calculated by the total number of heads, and is included in the tuition price.


Spring Figure at the Louvre will be taught in studio by founding faculty Timothy Stotz and Nicole Michelle Tully, and at the Louvre by Timothy Stotz.

See our FACULTY page for instructor biographies and additional portfolio images.