“Peonies” (in progress) oil on linen, 2013 by visiting faculty Krista SCHOENING


“I am speaking of this frank and firm lesson: to put your colours in their true place, to paint them as one thing, as if modeling, without tiring them and without altering their purity; to pronounce each form and each articulation with a full brush in the fat of their impasto; to proceed, finally, in all your handling, on principles that are equally luminous and solid.”

– Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Discours sur la Pratique de la Peinture… (1752)


INSTRUCTOR: SPRING BOUQUET will be taught by visiting faculty Krista SCHOENING


Video content will be hosted on Vimeo, and available only through the Studio Escalier website. Demonstration slideshows and photos essays will be provided too.

Individual weekly critique and weekly group meetings will take place on Zoom.

A private Facebook Group will be created for those students who wish to post their progress and share their work during the course.

The Facebook group will be monitored by the instructor and participation is optional.

CLASS DATES: Sunday, 16 MAY 2021 – Friday, 11 JUNE 2021 (4 weeks)


A video lecture-demonstration will be uploaded each Sunday, and a second slideshow/video snippet demonstration uploaded on each Monday.

Weekly online group meeting and instructor presentation each SUNDAY.

Individual critiques will take place weekly on FRIDAY or SATURDAY.

CLASS SIZE: 16 students, per 4-week section
Entry by application only. Anyone may apply.
TUITION PRICE: 600 EUROS for 4 weeks



Please review the ADMISSIONS page for general information about the application process.

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Tablet and smartphone users can apply offline by e-mail.
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This class will explore spring flowers in a floral bouquet as a subject matter for painting and drawing from direct observation. Over the course of four weeks Schoening will guide students through the following processes:

• color and value studies of bouquets
• quick sketches of floral bouquets
• painting a bouquet over multiple sessions

Each week the instructor will post a recorded demonstration on Sunday, and on Monday she will post either a compressed video demo or photo essay walking students through the process, from start to finish, of one of her flower paintings. The class will meet as a group once per week for discussion and lecture, and the instructor will meet with students via Zoom on Thursday or Friday of each week for individual critiques. There will also be a private Facebook group for the course, allowing students to to share their work during the course of the class.

The demonstrations will be from various flowers and flower bouquets, including but not limited to anemones, chrysanthemums, and tulips. Students will source their own bouquets of flowers to work from — they may choose to work with the same types of flowers that the instructor is using or different flowers according to their own taste.


Each Sunday, Studio Escalier will upload a new video demonstration and the instructor will present the curriculum for the week, to discuss the week’s assignment(s) and reply to general issues.

The Sunday painting demonstration video (3-4 hrs in length) will be available online exclusively for SPRING FLOWERS students to view and draw from during the course.


On Monday of each week, Studio Escalier will upload a second demonstration, either documented with video snippets, or a short slideshow with progress photos and captions.

During the week, students will keep a studio journal, to organize their own projects and record their own questions and progress.

Individual critiques will be given on Friday or Saturday of each week. Students will have a designated time to meet the instructor on Zoom for 30-35 minutes to discuss the week’s work.

A private Facebook Group will be created for students to share their work from the class and interact with each other during the course and after.

The Facebook group will be monitored by the instructor and participation is optional.



Krista SCHOENING – Visiting Faculty
Tutor in Painting and Drawing

Krista M. Schoening (b. 1980) is a painter, draftsman and printmaker. She specializes in still life, with a focus on botanical painting.

Ms Schoening has exhibited in both commercial and public galleries, including the Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg, PA; the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, WA; the Grand Rapids Art Museum; and, internationally, at the 2011 Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, in London.

In 2015, her monumental flower painting Karma Dahlia II was voted into the top 25 2-D works at ArtPrize, one of the most highly attended art exhibitions in the world. Her work has been mentioned in the Detroit Free Press, The Seattle Times, the Huffington Post, and Hyperallergic, and was featured in the Art of Vanitas by Rodney O’dell Davis. Her paintings and drawings are in private collections in the United States and Europe.

Ms Schoening received her MFA in Painting and Drawing and her MA in Art History at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Her art history master’s thesis was on the work of Jacopo Ligozzi (c. 1550-1627), who worked as an artist for the Medici and is known for his extraordinary botanical studies.

She has taught painting, drawing, and color theory at the University of Washington, where she was awarded the Parnassus Award for Teaching with Excellence and a Top Scholar Fellowship.

Krista Schoening received her BA magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame (2002) in anthropology and Spanish. She pursued post-graduate studies in anthropology at Cornell University, before taking up painting as a career.