Visiting Faculty – Tobias HALL | Chiara (detail) – pencil on paper – 2016


Location: Paris Program Studio (Montmartre, 75018)
Dates: 27 July – 21 August 2020 – 4-week program
Faculty: Visiting instructor Tobias Hall

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  • Please send us two (2) of your best recent figure drawings or drawings from observation ('best' judged by your own standard). Please do NOT include work from photos. NOTE: Please size all digital images to no greater than 2.00Mb
  • Please review all course information and policies below, and attest that you have done so:

    Course Description, Dates and Schedule, Price

    Course Description

    • 2020 Summer in Paris - Figure Drawing will be taught by visiting instructor M. Tobias Hall.

    • This course offers a structured curriculum of drawing the human figure from life, 25 hrs/week.

    • The course accepts a maximum of 10 students.

    Course Dates and Schedule

    • Students must apply for the entire 4-week program. The dates are:Monday, 27 July – Friday, 21 August 2020

    • The program will meet Monday to Friday, at our Paris Program Studio in Montmartre.

    • Figure sessions will be offered 25 hrs/week, with daily critique and weekly demonstrations.

    • First meeting time and date: 11:00 AM, Monday, July 27, 2020 at our Paris Program Studio in Montmartre.


    • The price for 2020 Summer in Paris – Figure Drawing is 1750 euros for 4 weeks.

    • Housing costs and housing administration in Paris are not included in the price, and not offered by the school.

    • Closest Metro Station in Montmartre: Abbesses (M12), or Blanche (M2)

  • Application Deadline: 1 MARCH 2020

    Applications will be reviewed and decisions returned no later than 13 MARCH 2020

    Accepted applicants must reply to accept or decline admission within 48 hours, or an alternate may be admitted in their place.

    Tuition Price and Payment: 1750 euros is payable in full upon admission, and must be paid no later than 16 MARCH 2020.

    (50% refundable until 15 January 2020. Tuition payment is non-transferable, cannot be credited to other students or future courses. See Tuition Policy below.)

    Tuition Payment Policy

    Payment in euros is accepted by wire payment only. Variable wire fees will apply. Sorry, no checks.

    Some students may choose to pay their tuition by credit card in EUROS only via Paypal (add 5% Paypal user fee). Contact us for current details.

    Tuition Refund and Transfer Policy

    Tuition is 100% NON-TRANSFERABLE after payment – cannot be applied or "credited" to other courses or students – and refunds are subject to strict conditions.

    A 50% tuition refund will be honored if requested by 15 January 2020, for priority applicants only (if you applied by 1 DECEMBER 2019.) PLEASE NOTE: As a strict matter of policy, NO tuition refunds, whole or partial, can be made after that date for any reason.

    After the 50% refund date, paid tuition is entirely NON-REFUNDABLE, and remains NON-TRANSFERABLE -- cannot be applied or "credited" to other courses or students.

  • Housing Policy

    Student housing costs are not included and housing administration services are not offered. Self-sufficiency and independence are expected of every student. The school will offer some general guidance and advice about the city to admitted students -- chiefly about seeking rental housing in Paris -- to help ensure that students have the most efficient, productive experience possible.

    The school does not administrate or lease housing for Paris Program students, and can only offer general guidance about potential costs. Studio Escalier is not liable for any loss or damages associated with privately contracted housing or housing reservations, in the event of student cancellation, or other personal or material loss, including failure of health, acts of god, etc.

    PLEASE NOTE: The closest Metro station to the Paris Program studio is Abbesses, on the M12 line. See our FAQS about Paris page for more information.

    Attendance Policy

    We will keep a strong pace, and will benefit from witnessing each other’s work. New concepts and exercises will be introduced and practiced weekly, often daily. As artists, time is our most valuable possession, and we spend it wisely. Due to its short length and density of content, daily attendance of the entire course is expected of every student.

    We are experienced witnesses to the results of concentrated and constant practice, for which there is no substitute. We take this chance to remind all applicants that their seriousness of purpose and level of motivation will be met in kind by the teachers of the course.

    This means that repeatedly tardy or absent students risk being ignored in favor of more serious artists. We reserve the right to eject students from the course without refund, at any time, owing to daily tardiness or non-attendance (including any nonmedical absences).

    Drug and Alcohol Policy

    In accordance with French law, the drug policy at Studio Escalier is zero tolerance. Substance abuse of any kind -- including problem drinking, drunk driving, abuse of prescription drugs, and the sale or use of illegal/controlled substances -- will be met with dismissal from the studio program without refund.

    The possession and/or abuse of controlled or illegal substances are additionally subject to prosecution by the local, national and international police. Drug and alcohol policy decisions are made at the sole discretion of the administration. All students should consider this their first and only warning.

    Health and Safety Policy

    No tuition refunds are available for failures of student health. Furthermore, as a matter of liability, Studio Escalier cannot be held financially, administratively or morally responsible at any time for the costs, concerns or caretaking of pre-existing psychological infirmities, medical conditions or physical illnesses.

    In the interest of fair treatment and good faith between all parties, any and all underlying medical concerns (psychological, as well as physical) must be made known to the school at the time of application. Lying about health issues is an automatic dealbreaker, especially lying by omission.

    Meaning, Studio Escalier reserves the right to expel any student from the program -- without refund, at any time -- owing to misrepresentation of their underlying psychological or physical well-being. Accepted students are also asked to inform the school of any serious diagnosis received between registration and their first day of class.

    Failure to notify us of a serious pre-existing, or emerging, health problem before your arrival may result in annulment of your admission, without refund for cost of tuition, rent or travel -- without discussion or appeal.

    Access Policy

    Very infrequently, we are asked if we can provide accessible access or programs for students who are physically challenged (reduced mobility or muscular control; visual, neurological and other infirmities). The Paris Program Studio is currently unable to offer access or admission to physically infirm or handicapped students.

    If any prospective student is concerned that an otherwise undisclosed physical or medical condition may affect their daily attendance, artistic performance, or personal independence (climb and descend 44 stairs to attend figure sessions; walk daily in the museum and city), they are asked to make a full disclosure of their concerns or known condition at the time of their application.

  • From the time of their application, the enrolled Student is responsible to understand and agrees to be bound by all policies contained in the online course prospectus, as well as any additions made to such policies by Studio Escalier at a later date.

    The School certifies that it will provide safe, clean and adequately furnished studio facilities for drawing and painting from the human figure. The Student is liable for 100% of the replacement cost of any damage they cause to the studio or its furnishings, intentional or not.

    Studio Escalier reserves the right to make occasional substitutions of program faculty in cases of medical necessity/illness. In this eventuality, no tuition refund will be offered – partial or whole. All enrolled Students waive their right to claim or construe such substitution as a personal or financial loss.

    Studio Escalier reserves the right to substitute or wholly replace any figure model as needed, due to poor performance, unprofessional conduct, or in cases of medical necessity/illness. In this eventuality, no tuition refund will be offered – partial or whole. All enrolled Students waive their right to claim or construe such substitution or replacement as a personal or financial loss.

    If for any reason the course is completely cancelled before the first day of class – due to any unforeseeable event – a full tuition refund will be offered to enrolled students. In that event, the school is never financially liable for student losses associated with travel, transport, housing, lost time or wages, or any other costs.

    This agreement releases Studio Escalier from all liability relating to any loss, damage, theft, accident, sickness, or injury that may occur to Student during attendance of this art program.

    The Student agrees to hold Studio Escalier entirely free from all liability, including financial responsibility for any loss, damage, or injuries incurred by fellow students or their guests, the instructors, employees, and staff of the program, the owners of program facilities, or any other representative of the program.

    The Student agrees to hold Studio Escalier entirely free from liability regardless of whether such loss, damage, or injury is caused by failure of performance, failure of conduct, failure of health, negligence, lack of due diligence, or force majeure.

    The Student also acknowledges the inherent risks involved in travel and transport, as well as in daily participation in this studio art program. These risks include but are not limited to emotional and psychological stress, as well as the potential for physical injury. The Student is participating voluntarily, and swears that all risks are clearly understood.

    Additionally, the Student attests not to have any undisclosed emotional, psychological or physical health condition that will increase the likelihood of loss, damage or injury while engaging in this program, or affect ability to attend this program and successfully complete it.

    In good faith, the Student will make every effort to obey all studio rules, house rules, safety precautions or other instructions given in writing or explained verbally by Studio Escalier or its representatives. The Student will ask for clarification when needed.

    In summary, the Student forfeits all right to bring suit against Studio Escalier for any reason. In return, the Student enjoys the right to attend this art program and receive tuition in drawing and painting during the period described.

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