STUDENT LODGING – in Argenton-Chateau

“The Present is the moving Infinity, the legitimate sphere of the Relative.
Relativity seeks Adjustment; Adjustment is Art.” – The Book of Tea


Housing for Courses in Argenton-Chateau

Argenton-Chateau (79150 Argentonnay) features many large manor houses and villas, as well as townhouses and small apartment buildings of every kind and description, dating from the last 500 years.

A variety of fully furnished, fully outfitted lodging is provided exclusively to our students, all situated within walking distance of the course studio (most of it within 1000 feet/300 m). Every effort has been made to provide the highest quality local housing at the lowest possible price, to serve the most secure, undisturbed art educational opportunity possible.

In an effort to keep rent and utility costs low and predictable, most student housing at our campus in Argenton-Chateau is owned and operated by Studio Escalier. One or two additional housing arrangements are leased seasonally.

The majority of the housing currently offered by Studio Escalier are large, loft-like 2BR apartments, shared with another student. A few private apartments (single and 2BR) or small townhouses are also available for rent, for a higher cost. Please indicate your housing preferences in your application.

Shared 2BR housing costs in Argenton-Chateau are included in the base tuition price of every course held there.
 The cost of program housing is not separable or negotiable (cannot be pro-rated or discounted).

All student housing in Argenton-Chateau is provided and assigned to students by the school.

Housing is assigned in the order that applications were originally received, after the course enrollment is finalized.

We only offer fully furnished and outfitted housing; rent includes water, heat, electricity, gas, and DSL or fibre optic internet access. No phone service.

Single living options and housing for students with non-student partners or family guests is provided in limited supply, for a supplemental charge. Additional rent and/or guest charges are calculated on an individual basis, by overall length of stay, or frequency of visits, whichever is more appropriate.

Additional rent for single living and family living charges are normally paid in cash upon arrival.

Special Housing Requests

If you have ANY special housing needs or concerns (no smoking? allergies? expecting guests? family members? etc.) please let us know when you make your application.

Please Note: Those students wishing to receive non-student guests, or to bring family guests are cautioned that:

1) Most program housing is unsuitable for partners or frequent family guests. Our housing network only exists to serve
the excellence of our art program. Studio Escalier cannot and does not provide the welcome, the service, or the accommodations one might expect from a French gites, tourist hotel, hostel or B & B.

2) Individual students receive priority in housing assignments, and flatmates retain the right to refuse your guests.

3) Non-student guests are therefore welcome only under very specific conditions. Family members are requested to schedule
their dates during housing assignment, to be assessed a lower fee. All other guests must define the length of their stay, and are subject to a 20 euros/night fee, due in full upon arrival. You are required to advise us of any non-student guests
or family housing needs at the time of your application.

4) Pet-friendly housing is generally in very short supply. Sorry, no pets are allowed in shared housing.

Housing Contracts, Security Deposits and Cleaning

Housing assignments are subject to seasonal lease agreements, to be reviewed and signed during housing assignment.

All housing contracts in Argenton-Chateau cover the full length of the course, including a few days on either end, to guarantee a comfortable entry and a dignified exit.

See the appropriate course description online for the precise entry/exit dates of your course.

The state of your lodging is verified and witnessed upon entry and exit. A 250 euros cash security deposit is paid upon arrival, to be held in esrow and returned in cash after your departure. (Deposit amount may vary for private housing.)

All students are responsible for cleaning their own house, and returning it in the condition it was received.