INTENSIVE COURSES | 2019 Summer Intensive

“Intricacy in form, therefore, I shall define to be that peculiarity in the lines which compose it, that leads the eye a wanton kind of chase, and from the pleasure that gives the mind, entitles it to the name of beautiful…”

– William Hogarth, The Analysis of Beauty (1753)


The 2019 Summer Intensive will be held in the Intensive Course Studio, on our main campus in Argenton-Chateau (Deux-Sèvres – 79), a medieval town north of Bordeaux and south of the Loire Valley, in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of southwestern France.

Argenton-Chateau is situated 2.5 hours from Paris-Montparnasse (total travel time: TGV train + program shuttlebus).

See our FACILITIES page for complete details on the Intensive Course Studio.
CLASS DATES: to be announced (Mid-summer break:to be announced)

Two 5-week terms, with a one-week vacation, 11 weeks total

Group arrival at Angers/St Laud – Gare TGV will be ——— at 5:00 PM
CLASS SCHEDULE: The daily schedule is 6 hours of life-model, 5 days a week (Sunday – Thursday, 9am – 6pm).
Figure poses will vary in length between 10 minutes and two weeks (50+ hrs.).

The course will offer lecture-demonstrations 1-2x weekly and in-studio critique, 3 days per week.
Full-time faculty will occasionally work alongside students as fellow artists.
CLASS SIZE: 13 maximum + instructors
WHO is ELIGIBLE? Anyone may apply – There are no academic or other pre-requisites.
All students must enroll full-time for this 11-week course.
There is no option for part-time enrollment, or late arrival.

TUITION PRICE: 5375 euros
Merit scholarships and work-study awards are available (up to 50% tuition reduction, maximum.)
Click here for current information.

HOUSING: Eleven weeks of 2BR shared housing included in tuition price.
Single living available in limited supply, for +250 euros minimum.

Students live in program housing, assigned starting March 15, in the order that applications were received.
See our LODGING page for complete details on housing in Argenton-Chateau.

1 January 2019

3200 euros = due paid by 12 January 2019

2175 euros = due paid by 30 March 2019.
HOW to APPLY: Admissions for 2019 SUMMER INTENSIVE will open in September 2018.

Please review the ADMISSIONS page for general information about the application process.



COURSE DESCRIPTION: “2019 Summer Intensive”

The Summer Intensive course offers a full-time, structured curriculum of daily figure drawing and oil painting from life.

There is no option for part-time enrollment, or late arrival.

11 weeks of drawing and painting the human figure from life, 30 hrs. per week.

The Summer Intensive is entitled “Re-forming the Elements of Figurative Art”.

It will be team-taught by founding faculty Timothy Stotz, Nicole Michelle Tully and assistant faculty Tobias Hall.

Please review frequently asked questions on our FAQS page.

Advice on how to get to Argenton-Chateau is on the TRAVEL to FRANCE page.