"NG2" by founding faculty Nicole Michelle TULLY, oil on linen, 2014
"Cookware" by visiting faculty Krista SCHOENING, oil on linen, 2011
"Tessa" by visiting faculty M. Tobias HALL, mix media on paper, 2013
"Self" by visiting faculty David BAIRD, oil on linen, 2016
"CF - Color Studies" by founding faculty Nicole Michelle TULLY, oil on linen, 2016

“Poussin had the habit of saying that it is by observing things that the painter becomes skillful, more than in tiring himself by copying them. Yes: but the painter must have eyes.”

“Poussin avait coutume de dire que c’est en observant les choses que le peintre devient habile plûtot qu’en se fatiguant à les copier. Oui: mais il faut que le peintre ai des yeux.” – JAD Ingres


NOTE: Our normal admissions process for physical courses in Paris and Argenton Chateau has been suspended due to COVID 19 until May 2021, pending normalization of health regulations and international travel.

See our Course Schedule page for the most current information on upcoming online courses, news about our 2021 physical course schedule, and how to apply.


Special Programs – General Overview

Studio Escalier’s full-time faculty and very select visiting faculty occasionally offer Special Programs in various topics, 3 to 4 weeks in length, for 8 to 12 students at a time.

Two to five Special Programs are now scheduled annually, normally between the months of March and September.

Anyone may apply. Enrollment is by advance application only, including portfolio submission (2 images).

Working alongside some of the best contemporary classical artists and teachers, Special Program students also profit from each other’s practices, as they attend short, effective classes and lectures.

Special Programs typically concentrate on figure drawing, copying after masterpieces in the Louvre, or portrait painting. Other topics include still-life painting, pastel painting, figure structure and anatomy, materials and techniques, etc.

Additionally, Special Programs at Studio Escalier place students in a setting conducive to concentration, art-making, forward-looking professional exchange… featuring small-town living in an artist’s colony atmosphere (Argenton-Chateau), or in the heart of French art, art history, and culture (Paris).

For answers to frequently asked questions about arrival and departure, travel, transport, and lodging, please refer to the individual course description, as well as the FAQS about Argenton Chateau page.


Special Programs in Paris

Most special programs held at our Paris Program Studio may concentrate on drawing, painting, or other other topics, and typically included lecture-tours or visits to the Louvre, or to concurrent special exhibitions in Paris.

Housing cost in Paris is not included in the price of tuition. Students must locate and lease their own housing in Paris.

For answers to other frequently asked questions about arrival and departure, studio location, public transport, and advice about how to search for housing in Paris, please refer to the individual course description, as well as to the FAQS about Paris Programs page.


Special Programs in Argenton-Chateau

Special programs also convene in Argenton-Chateau, France. They may concentrate on portrait painting, figure painting, color or other topics.

These programs sometimes run in parallel to our on-going 3-month Intensive Courses, with the express aim to engender a creative atmosphere between different groups of artists and art students.

Previous Special Program Tutors, Lecturers and Critics

Timothy STOTZ        draftsman, painter, Fulbrighter, founder – Studio Escalier

N. Michelle TULLY      draftsman, painter, founding faculty – Studio Escalier

Anthony RYDER        draftsman, painter, author – Ryder Studio School (Santa Fe, NM), Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing

Krista SCHOENING     draftsman, painter, printmaker, adjunct faculty – University of Washington (Seattle, WA)

Ted Seth JACOBS      draftsman, painter, author – Drawing with an Open Mind,   Light for the Artist

Rita NATAROVA         painter, Fulbrighter, faculty – Maryland Institute College of Art