2019 SPRING PORTRAIT PAINTING (Argenton-Chateau)

“When we see a natural style, we are astonished and delighted,
for we expected to see an author, and we find a person.”

“Quand on voit le style naturel, on est tout étonné et ravi,
car on s’attendait de voir un auteur, et on trouve un homme.” – Blaise PASCAL, Penséés, 1669


LOCATION: Our 2019 Spring Portrait Painting will convene in Argenton-Chateau (79).

Please see our Facilities page for complete details on our campus and school facilities.
CLASS DATES: Arrive Thursday, 25 April 2019 – Depart Saturday, 18 May 2019

Studio sessions will be held for 3 weeks total, Sunday – Thursday with 6 hrs life model daily, 5 days per week.
CLASS SIZE: 10 maximum + instructor(s)
WHO is ELIGIBLE? Anyone may apply – There are no academic or other pre-requisites.

All Spring Figure Painting students must enroll full-time, for the entire 3 week term.
TUITION PRICE: 2200 euros, shared 2BR housing included.

(Single living available in limited supply, for +250 euros minimum.)
1 October 2018
PAYMENT DUE: 16 October 2018
HOW to APPLY: Admissions for 2019 SPRING PORTRAIT PAINTING will open in July 2018.

Please review the ADMISSIONS page for general information about the application process.




2019 Spring Portrait Painting students will receive daily instruction in portrait painting – both short pose (3-6 hrs) and long pose (15 – 25 hours) – as well as observe lecture-demonstrations 1-2x per week by founding faculty Nicole Michelle Tully and Timothy Stotz.

Students will profit from individual critique and demonstrations including: drawing directly on canvas or panel, color thumbnail (“poster study”), chromatic underpainting (“colorwash”), and single-pass painting execution, wet-into-wet (“form painting”).

Individual critique will be given 5 days weekly, and lecture-demonstrations will focus on drawing as well as painting questions. The studio culture offers daily opportunities for individual as well as group discussion, and impromptu “work-in-progress” demonstrations.